Estados Unidos celebra el anuncio del acuerdo de paz entre el Gobierno colombiano y las FARC


La Casa Blanca y varios congresistas, así como fuentes oficiales de Estados Unidos se han pronunciado con respecto al anuncio del Acuerdo final para la Terminación del Conflicto y la Construcción de una Paz Estable y Duradera en Colombia.

Aquí algunos de ellos:

Statement by the President on the Colombia Peace Agreement

This is a historic day for the people of Colombia.  With the finalizing of a peace agreement between Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the longest-running war in the Western Hemisphere is coming to an end.  We have witnessed, once again, that a sustained commitment to diplomacy and reconciliation can overcome even the most entrenched conflicts.

This accord is a tribute to the hard work and cooperation of countless Colombian leaders and citizens—across parties and administrations—who painstakingly laid the groundwork for this milestone.  I especially want to commend President Juan Manuel Santos for his courageous leadership during four years of difficult negotiations.  I likewise thank the government of Cuba for hosting these talks, its co-guarantor Norway, and the United States' Special Envoy, Bernie Aronson, for his contributions to the peace process.

Even as we mark the end of an era of war, we recognize that the work of achieving a just and lasting peace is only beginning.  Yet just as the United States has been Colombia's partner in a time of war, we will be Colombia's partner in waging peace.  It is in this spirit that I stood alongside President Santos earlier this year and announced a new chapter in our relationship, Peace Colombia, which will provide a framework to reinforce security gains, reintegrate former combatants into society and extend opportunity and the rule of law.

For generations, too many Colombians have known only a country ravaged by war. Many around the world have viewed Colombia only as a place of conflict.  But as I saw when I visited Colombia four years ago, a remarkable transformation has occurred. Thanks to the strength and spirit of the Colombian people, today's Colombia is moving toward a future of optimism and hope.  The United States is proud to stand with the Colombian people as they continue on the path to lasting peace and prosperity.



El Congresista Gallego aplaude el anuncio del acuerdo entre el gobierno de Colombia y las FARC

August 24, 2016 Press Release

Washington, DC – El Congresista Ruben Gallego hizo las siguientes declaraciones sobre el acuerdo entre el gobierno de Colombia y las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC):

“El acuerdo de paz anunciado hoy entre el gobierno Colombiano y los FARC marca al fin al conflict más largo en nuestro hemisferio.

“Este acuerdo es el resultado de muchos años de arduo trabajo y compromiso. Quiero darle las gracias a los negociadores por poner atención especial a los derechos de las víctimas de ambos lados. Con cualquier conflict siempre hay desafíos por delante; mientras Colombia se recupera de este tiempo de dificultad en su historia, espero que la nación de una pasa darle la bienvenida a tan anhelado period de paz.

“Quiero felicitar al presidente Santos por su liderazgo en buscar una resolución a justa a este conflict. También hago un llamado al Congreso para que hagan el compromiso de apoyar a nuestro aliado durante este crítico tiempo en la historia de Colombia.”



Farr Praises Colombian Peace Deal

August 25, 2016

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Sam Farr (D-Calif.) praised the peace deal reached between the Colombian government and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

“President Juan Manuel Santos deserves credit for leading his country towards a new era of peace and prosperity,” said Congressman Farr. “The human cost of this conflict is staggering, but peace is on the horizon. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Medellin, Colombia from 1964 to 1966, I have a deep connection to Colombia and I know peace is long overdue.”

Congressman Farr routinely hosts a Congressional briefing series called, Latin America on the Rise, which brings in a diverse array of perspectives to highlight emerging and emergent issues in the Western Hemisphere. Recent briefings have focused on Colombia and the peace accord negotiations.

“After more than 50 years of fighting, 220,000 people have been killed, 80% of whom were civilians, over 5.7 million have been displaced and more than 25,000 have disappeared. If the peace deal is approved by voters in a referendum later this year, it’ll be a momentous day for Colombia, Latin America and for peace,” added Congressman Farr. 



McGovern Applauds Final Colombia Peace Agreement

Aug 24, 2016 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA), a senior House Democrat and leading voice in Congress for human rights, applauded the news that negotiators from the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group will make a historic announcement tonight to end an armed conflict that began in 1964.

“Today marks a historic step forward for peace in Colombia. This groundbreaking agreement is the culmination of years of hard work and would not have been possible without the strong commitment of the Colombian government and FARC guerillas as they worked to achieve a lasting solution,” Congressman McGovern said. “Following more than 50 years of conflict and suffering which has scarred nearly every family in Colombia, peace is no longer a fantasy. At the heart of this process and essential to its success has been the Colombian people themselves who never stopped believing that peace was possible.

“In addition to the negotiating teams of both sides, I want to express my respect for President Santos, who has demonstrated political courage in initiating and pursuing these negotiations,” McGovern added. “I also want to express my gratitude for the important roles played by Cuba, Norway, Chile and Venezuela, U.S. Special Envoy to Colombia Bernard Aronson and the German and European Union Special Envoys in providing crucial support at key moments in the negotiations.”

“As a proud partner for peace, the United States must work with the international community to do all it can to support the successful implantation of this historic agreement,” McGovern concluded. “We must stand with the Colombian people now to help them achieve a just and lasting peace and the brighter future they dream of for themselves and their children.”

Congressman McGovern has long been a leading voice in Congress supporting the push for peace in Colombia. In December 2015, Congressman McGovern co-sponsored a bipartisan resolution backing the Colombian peace process and in February 2016, Congressman McGovern joined nearly 60 House lawmakers in urging President Obama to do all he could to support the ongoing negotiations in Colombia as both parties worked toward a peace agreement.



Rubio Statement on the Colombia Peace Agreement

AUG 25 2016

Miami, FL - U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) released the following statement today regarding the Colombia peace agreement announcement:

“Today’s announcement is just another step in a long process that will hopefully bring a much-deserved peace to the Colombian people. Colombia has been a close partner of the United States.  Through our strong security partnership, we have helped bring the FARC to the negotiating table.  FARC terrorists have been convicted in U.S. courts for their crimes against the Colombian people, including many who now live in Florida.  Even as this peace process continues, we must not lose sight of the FARC’s violent history and its duplicity.  Convicted terrorists here in the United States, such as Simon Trinidad, must be held accountable for their crimes and we must continue to deepen our counter-narcotic and border security cooperation with our Colombian partners.

“Colombia is proof of the positive developments taking place in many parts of the Western Hemisphere, when human rights and the rule of law are elevated above violence and terrorism. This agreement may prove to be a new chapter in Colombia's history, but whether the FARC, a U.S. State Department designated terrorist organization, can prove to fully disarm and join civil society remains to be seen. I want to be optimistic about this deal, but I also know the FARC, as well as the Castro regime that helped broker the peace accord, have decades worth of lies and betrayal that don't inspire much confidence things will change overnight.

“For real peace to be lasting in Colombia, any agreement will ultimately need to have the buy-in of the Colombian people.  It is essential that their voices be heard and they now be given the opportunity for a free and fair debate about the merits of this agreement. Whatever the Colombian people decide, the United States continues to stand by our strong Colombian allies, and I hope we can strengthen our security and economic ties.

“Aside from the announcement of a peace agreement, I am concerned by Colombia's decision to cease aerial spraying of coca plants. This could lead to a bumper crop of coca that FARC elements, cartels and illicit traffickers will use to flood U.S. streets and communities with cocaine. We must work together with our strong partner, the Colombian government, to ensure cartels and transnational criminal gangs do not take the place of the FARC in illicitly trafficking narcotics, weapons, money and supplies to feed this deadly trade. ‎The Colombian people have suffered for decades under narcoterrorists and deserve a real and lasting peace.”




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